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I try to hold everything dear to me too close to my heart. This makes separations and even the very thought of forgetting with time impossible to bear. Not only people, I hold memories too close as well. I live in the constant fear of time and life fading them away from me.
All the partings in the last few months taught me a thing or two. As some of the people closest to my heart slowly started to part, I realised that I needed a change in myself to cope up with the separations. I started to tell myself that the friendship we had was as sweet because we knew that very soon we have to part ways.
That’s how time sweeps people out from our lives- like high tide on the sea shore: swoosh and the person’s gone. It is then when I learnt how to let go.
How not to keep perfume bottles even after they were finished just because a sniff can take me back to the time I bought it.
How not to see the pictures over and over again and thinking how things would be different if they were still here.
How not to stop eating the things they swore by.
How not to force myself to not have fun as a cost of the separation.
How not to stop new people from entering my life.
I had read all these in books and magazines and innumerable agony aunt columns. But only now I have understood their meaning and only now I am accepting things how they are and moving on in life.


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