Perfect Imperfections


Perfection. We strive all our lives towards that perfect future. We are always on our unending search for that perfect partner. We seek for perfection in everything we do. Perfect house. Perfect salary. Perfect life.
But is perfection really desirable?
I think it’s the small little imperfections in life that makes it so beautiful. Had we all been oh-so-phurfect, do you think life would be even half as fun? Had all the guys in the world been just perfect, sure it would reduce our woes to half but we could then just pick a random person to spend the rest of our lives with, well, they are all the same anyway- just perfect.
Can we deny the fact that even the worst of our relationships had something good about them? Don’t we hate the toilet habits of our brothers? But do we love them any less? Would we want them otherwise? Don’t we hate when our little sisters use that new lip-gloss? But doesn’t the fight that follows, make our relationship even sweeter?
Aren’t these the imperfections that make them perfect? perfect for us?