35mm in 15 years


“As the cars made their way through the tall pine trees I felt like they went right past me (zoom) and when the head lights were lit, I had to close my eyes as they were too big and bright”, my mum was excitedly explaining to our neighbour after our big day out at the movie. I was around 9 years then and that day we had gone for a family outing at the movie theatre to watch Roja, the latest super-hit. That was a good 15 years ago. At that time the whole phenomenon of watching movies on the “big” screen was a sheer luxury in my part of India, Cooch Behar, a small foot-hill town in West Bengal.
Those words said by my mum came back to me a few days back, muffled by the years, when I was watching the movie again in my friend’s laptop. I couldn’t stop wondering how fast the world has progressed and how fast things have changed. Once when I was watching one of the IMAX 3Ds, as the archaeologist chiselled away through the rocks a chip flew towards me and I actually dodged to avoid being hit on the head. That was when I stared wide eyed and came back and explained my friends in the very same way my mum had done some 15 years back.
I now wonder, 15 years from now if I have a daughter of my own what movie watching experiences will she have. What will get her dumbstruck and ,well, sweep me off my feet?