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Aston Saga

They say “friends are the chocolate chips in the cookie of life”. Well that’s the best way I, a chocoholic, can describe my friends. In my 23 years of life, I have come across myriads of friends-soulmate(s), jerks with the heart of gold , pen pals (yes, I did have a couple of them), jealous ones (not the best people to have around but they spice up your life nonetheless) , motherly ones (they keep you grounded and save you from going broke by the first week of the month) , dare devil ones (trust me they fill your life with all the adventures that you can one day proudly tell your kids about), the loaner/ banker(the ones who are always ready to loan you a tenner) and the list goes on…

I just had this random idea to pen down a few things about my friends at Aston. Well, we are more than just friends now. We are one big family; with all the family drama included (I hope Ekta Kapoor is reading this).
# Anjali- She knows black magic. How else do you think she knows exactly what’s going on in my mind without me having to give her a cue about it? But, it’s quite scary to have such a friend around cuz you know you can have no secrets, she’ll always do her small telepathy thingy and get it right out of you! I would categorise her as the ‘motherly’ as well as the ‘dare-devil’ one – rare combo, I know. I don’t know how I’ll let her go on the day she flies back to Dubai for good. I am deliberately postponing the thoughts about the Anjali-less Birmingham days that I’ll spend after that.
# Mirrin, the noodle queen-The Chinese looking Indian with a Gujju accent ! Well, she’s the only one on whom I can’t stay angry! Her antics keep us entertained and the endless nights with our adventures with the “magic wok” have secured her place in my BFF list! In spite of being a total crack, she is the most lady like girl in the group. Mirrin and I have this special gift- we can laugh without any reason! Yeah, it’s crazy, but when Mirrin is around we can laugh on random things and go absolutely crazy. And then there are her endless stories on the 2 Fs. Not for nothing did I name her the F-Queen (before you allow your mind to get dirty, let me tell you, it’s not the F you think it is).
# Shri Ram Sharma Bharath Ganesh Anantharaman (gimme a sec, I’m breathless..) – Oh boy! I wish I hadn’t met him in the first place. It’s now going to be so difficult to detach myself from him. He’s an absolute jerk but my first friend in Aston which gives him a special place in my life. He can irritate the s**t out of me with his long tales on how he is an HSBC premier customer and his endless Vedic tales! Well now you know why he is the senior citizen in the group. With a para long name and a profuse supply of wit and humour (though I’m the butt of most of his jokes (sigh)), he’s one of the closest friends I have ever had and will possibly ever have. (I can so imagine the look on his face!)
# Karthik aka Bhaloo/Motu/Teddy Bear/Punching Bag- The cuddliest and the most beat-able one in the gang! He has always been more than just a friend. Though sometimes I absolutely hate him, he is more like a brother I never had and when he gives me a bear hug and kisses my head I know he feels the same. Though we didn’t really start on a good note, the later months proved that the first impression you have is not always correct. I’m going to miss him like crazy when he finally goes back to India. More than anything else, I’ll miss his pot belly, something so comfy that it can give Kurlon Mattresses a run for their money!
# Krishanth/ Kruushath/ T-rex- (Well, technically, he shouldn’t be on the list because of all the hatred I have for him- 21 points in my hate scale of 1-10) Anyways, T-rex is the guy I love to hate. He’s the most chilled out person I have ever met. His happy-go-lucky and optimistic attitude is what I love the most about him. But, let me tell you a small secret: when God was creating him, He ran out of hearts so he used a plastic blood pumping machine instead! Krushanth just can’t stay without pulling my legs- it’s like oxygen to him- absolutely necessary for his very survival! With an unmatched sense of humour, he’s the kind of guy who can sit and discuss literature and music with me and the next moment turn around and talk about sports, politics and science with the others.
# Manisha aka Aunty- She was the first girl I became friends with after coming to Aston, so she’ll always be special. I have had numerous fun-filled days and crazy girly nights with her. She’s very caring and is very sensible in nature. She was always very protective about me and would fight the guys when they would go on cracking sad jokes at my expense. Given below is one conversation I had with her, which I’ll never forget.
(Me: Manisha, I don’t like your boy friend at all. He doesn’t know when to talk and when to keep his mouth shut.

Manisha: Yeah, I understand but trust me, he’s not a bad guy, he can just be really crazy at times.)
She said this so earnestly that I couldn’t stop myself from hugging her.

# Sudarshan aka Suddu- He has his own way of doing things. Whatever game we played we had to keep in mind that Suddu will require 2 extra minutes. Not that he’s dumb (quite the contrary, in fact) but because no matter what it is he’ll laugh his heart out the first 2 minutes and that too without any reason. Suddu is the quiet one in the group who occasionally comes up with things that literally make us roll on the floor laughing. And how can we ever forget the hilarious fights that Suddu and Manisha have, to keep us entertained.

This blog means a lot to me. I laughed a lot and cried a tear or two as I was recollecting memories from the past one year. They say, time flies when you’re having fun. That’s exactly what we are experiencing right now, weeks are just flying past and our days to head back home is nearing at a break neck speed. I have already started the count down for when we will all disperse taking different paths in life, never to meet again. I know, initially we will make the full use of the boon called internet exhausting all chat boxes and networking sites. But as days will change into months and months into years, the number of IMs and emails will decrease only to turn into occasional thoughts about the good times we’ve had together. Well, that’s how life is.
May be on a dull day or an exhausted evening, when we are burdened with the responsibilities put on us by the world, if we will look back at this one year, a small smile will appear at the corner of our lips and make the world look a bit more bearable.



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