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That thing called LOVE


No, this is not one of those mushy mushy love blogs with a few lines of love poems thrown in. Neither does it talk about the beauty, joy and purity of love. Nor does it cry copious tears about lost love.
It is just the story of my confusion about the whole concept of love. I was in a relationship for two long years before I called it quits amidst a lot of tear and pain. The boy I dated is probably one of the best people I have or will ever come across. Then what could have possibly gone wrong, I hear you say. Well, that is exactly what this blog is about. Not that you are unaware of the problem. Mills and Boons and Bollywood have made us savvy of the little tug-of-war game our head and heart often play tearing us apart in the process. And that is exactly what happened.
I was only in high school when I started dating. Back then he seemed to be the best thing that ever happened to me. My life seemed like a dream, thanks to all the teenage love stories I had read and the movies I had seen. But then something strange happed and it changed my whole world- I grew up. I started to realise that the things that I had deliberately been turning a blind eye to, were some of the most important things in life. I realised that as we step into adulthood, much more than just ‘love’ is required to keep a relationship going and that is exactly when deep cracks started to appear in our relationship.
A relationship that all our friends once idealised was fast breaking up never to be mended again. Very soon the foreseeable happened and we parted ways. For me, somehow the head always wins. I am not too sure if that’s the way it should be but I guess that helps me move on quicker.


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