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Wake up, it’s the day you have been waiting for.

All the time we sit and wait for our life to begin , we never realise that we are already living it.

Would we still be the same and do the same things if we did realise that this is the time we have been dreaming of? It is now time to live the dream and not wait for it any longer to hatch. Unlike the eggs of a big fat chicken, these dreams can actually hatch whenever we want them to. Key words here- ” when ever WE want them to”.
I have always waited “to grow up” and get a tattoo, go glob trotting, party more and learn to not give a shit! Last night while going to bed I realised that I am already in that phase of my life (and I’m still waiting for it). Hello!! It’s the time to do all that and more. Well, I could have done them even a couple of years ago but no, I was “waiting to grow up”!!
I realised, it’s not like an alarm that goes off to say- ” Heya! time to start doing what you have been waiting all your life to do”.
You have to just jolt up one day and give yourself the permission to start living your life.
What the hell! It’s your life after all!


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