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Where has chivalry disappeared???


We were walking down the stairs of the city square after a meal at Weather-spoons on that exceptionally chilly evening. The sky was overcast with dark clouds and the winds blew hard. Embracing herself to keep warm, Mirrin tells Krishanth, “Wow! It’s really cold today, isnt it?” To which Krishanth replied, “I know. It’s so f**king cold. Thank goodness I am wearing this warm jacket of mine” and walked away.
Well, what never appeared to him is that, the small chitchat that Mirrin had initiated had nothing to do with the customary British discussion of weather but a hint to give her his jacket as she had not got hers from home that day.
Better late than never they say. Well, it dawned on Krishanth soon enough and an embarrassed Krishanth did apologise and offer her his jacket but by then the dye was cast.
Well, as you can guess, he was the butt of all our jokes for the rest of the evening!


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