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Just another love poem

(Disclaimer- No, I’m not in love. This is not a lament of poetic love that could never bloom. This is, well, just a poem. 🙂 )

All those years when I wanted to say it
Something held me back.
The time was never right-
and then I thought of all the things I lack.

You were always too good for me,
Way out of my league.
You can do much better than me-
I made myself believe.

I feared you would tell me you are sorry,
If I vented my feelings for you.
So I made myself believe that it was just an infatuation-
noting real, nothing true.

I thought time will heal me,
I only have to try.
I thought I can bury my feelings,
And so, I to myself told a thousand lies.

I cried to sleep
I sobbed and weeped
And buried my feelings in the deep, dark core
I thought I was over you-
and would long for you no more.

And then, out of the blue, one fine day,
You stood in front of me-
Smiling just the same way.
And those long lost feelings gushed back to me-
much like a flood tide in the sea.

Destiny sits and gloats
And watches the drama unfurl
Just when you think your life has taken a turn-
You are back to square one.



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