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The Cross, Moseley

Hi, do you know where’s the Moseley B13  Magazine’s meeting’s going on in here? I think I’m late… have they left already? I worriedly checked my watch again.

Sorry, I am not aware of any such meeting.

A little surprised, I explained, “Well, we were supposed to meet here for 8 tonight. It’s my first meeting with the Editor of the magazine, John Northam..”

The bar tender smiled and said,” Well, that explains it. It’s only 7:15 now. The clocks went back last night”

Of course! Damn you day light saving. Unlike my smart phone, my dumb watch did not fix itself and twice every year I face embarrassment as I unmistakable reach early or late to places the next day.

With a sheepish smile I said, “That was daft of me!”

“No, that’s okay”, he said with a sympathetic smile.

Turning a little red, I asked for a glass of orange juice and settled in one corner waiting for the B13 team to come in, on time.

As I sat there on my own and looked around, I started admiring the décor. Curious photos adorned the walls and the ambience and the music made it a perfect place to hang out with friends, come for a first date, pop in for a quick bite, relax in a corner with a pint or to have a casual meeting with the editor of a magazine.

It was 7:45 now and I felt a little prang of hunger. Picking up the menu, I started browsing for a quick snack and after a tough battle, nachos won over the sticky toffee.  A huge bowl of nachos, with melted cheese on top, jalapeno peppers, salsa and sour cream soon arrived at my table. It sure is good value for money, I thought, thinking about the £3.34 I paid and the amount of nachos that now sat in front of me.

As I looked around I saw a lot of people relishing their burgers and with a little more research I realised that these beef burgers were the speciality of The Cross. People came for far and wide for a taste of these burgers. As I made a mental note to try it the next time, a man in a dark blue jumper walked towards me, “Is that Ko-ye-lia? Hi, this is John, Editor of Moseley B13”






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