Just another day in my life (9/9/2011)

I had probably got off the wrong side of the bed that day. How else can I explain (without actually putting the blame on myself) all the clumsiness that followed me like my second shadow throughout the day?

1) I hopped on the wrong bus that took me to all the places in Birmingham except where i had to go. Did i mention I was running late for an interview?
2) I almost killed myself by jumping off a really high raised platform near bullring. Now that explains the curious looks on the faces of the people below when I was climbing the thing! (why was i climbing it? i thought that was a short cut)
3) I suddenly realized I have forgotten English language as I started speaking to the interviewer and my English was all over the place. Bad bad impression, even more so when you are 20 mins late for the interview.
4) At the end of the interview, while coming out of the cafe, I almost knocked a lady off (in front of the interviewer)! (some details are best left unsaid)
5) I bumped headfirst into a smooching couple in the German market. Thanks to my new heels.
6) Came to work only to realize that the notes I made in my creative frenzy (at 3am) last night are still beside my bed. Instead I had torn and brought along notes (from the same dairy) on marketing research (a module from my 1st term at uni)!
7) At lunch I opened my bag to realize that I had brought a toothbrush to eat my noodles with and not a fork. (this one just amuses me..how?? how did i actually manage to do that?)