That thing called LOVE

No, this is not one of those mushy mushy love blogs with a few lines of love poems thrown in. Neither does it talk about the beauty, joy and purity of love. Nor… Continue reading

Aston Saga

They say “friends are the chocolate chips in the cookie of life”. Well that’s the best way I, a chocoholic, can describe my friends. In my 23 years of life, I have come… Continue reading

From Hong Kong, with love

I am just back from my Hong Kong trip. It was one of the most interesting trips of my life. It taught me how to survive in a place where no one, absolutely… Continue reading

35mm in 15 years

“As the cars made their way through the tall pine trees I felt like they went right past me (zoom) and when the head lights were lit, I had to close my eyes… Continue reading

Durga Puja

The air must be smelling sweet with ‘sheuli phool’, the light breeze must be sending shivers down the ‘kaash phool’ beds by the roads, ‘pujo barshiki’ of ‘Ananda mela’ must be on our… Continue reading

Moving Houses

Moving houses has never been my favourite job. One, they are utterly hectic. Two, I feel extremely sad when I leave a place that has been a home for me for sometime. And… Continue reading

Where has chivalry disappeared???

We were walking down the stairs of the city square after a meal at Weather-spoons on that exceptionally chilly evening. The sky was overcast with dark clouds and the winds blew hard. Embracing… Continue reading

Adventures of Tintin and Two Little Kids in Cooch Behar

Tintin, Snowy and Capt’n Haddock- a major part of my and later my brother’s childhood were spent in reading adventures about them- it was like our staple. We whizzed with the shooting stars… Continue reading

Wake up, it’s the day you have been waiting for.

All the time we sit and wait for our life to begin , we never realise that we are already living it. Would we still be the same and do the same things… Continue reading

Keeping him alive

I love writing. I write to vent out my pent up emotions, I write to make fun of people or (as in most of the cases) of myself and my immediate surroundings. Sometimes,… Continue reading