Moving Houses

Moving houses has never been my favourite job. One, they are utterly hectic. Two, I feel extremely sad when I leave a place that has been a home for me for sometime. And three, because it's the time when my friends complain a lot. They say, I have way too much stuff to carry around.... Continue Reading →


Where has chivalry disappeared???

We were walking down the stairs of the city square after a meal at Weather-spoons on that exceptionally chilly evening. The sky was overcast with dark clouds and the winds blew hard. Embracing herself to keep warm, Mirrin tells Krishanth, "Wow! It's really cold today, isnt it?" To which Krishanth replied, "I know. It's so... Continue Reading →

Keeping him alive

I love writing. I write to vent out my pent up emotions, I write to make fun of people or (as in most of the cases) of myself and my immediate surroundings. Sometimes, I can also get a little preachy and write pages after pages about life and philosophy.But never before did I have to... Continue Reading →

Autumn Yearns

  Autumn makes me sad. It reminds me of the other autumns I have spent. When the yellow crisp leaves are chased by the gusts of slightly chilly wind, I feel nostalgic. I feel a sweet-sad pang of pain. Autumn reminds me of the other autumns of my life. The other worlds I was in.... Continue Reading →

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