Musings of a five year old!

Five is a magical age. Kids think when they are five. Sarah (my colleague) is often left speechless about the kind of topics her daughter brings up and is often left to wonder if a fairytale answer for everything will suffice any longer. More importantly, should she cripple her with the view of a sugar... Continue Reading →


Somewhere down the proverbial Memory Lane

  An ancient beetle nut tree, a silk cotton tree (with dripping gum). At a weird angle from it and a fox burrow between the two, from like an inch below that, starts the still water of the pond. It however looked more like a farm of water lettuce than a pond. Dadu was always... Continue Reading →

Perfect Imperfections

Perfection. We strive all our lives towards that perfect future. We are always on our unending search for that perfect partner. We seek for perfection in everything we do. Perfect house. Perfect salary. Perfect life. But is perfection really desirable? I think it's the small little imperfections in life that makes it so beautiful. Had... Continue Reading →


I try to hold everything dear to me too close to my heart. This makes separations and even the very thought of forgetting with time impossible to bear. Not only people, I hold memories too close as well. I live in the constant fear of time and life fading them away from me. All the... Continue Reading →

Tale of my Tamilization

When I left my convent school, I thought I had left behind my Tamil connection with it: from the Tamil and Keralite Sisters to the food cooked in coconut oil with curry leaves. Little did I know that some 7 years later that small state will crop back into my life and 'tamilize' me more... Continue Reading →

A Bundle of Quotes

As a child I'd fill pages of dairies with quotes that made me stop awhile and think about life. To stay at par with the modern age, I'm opening a virtual counterpart of the same.   # Childhood ends when you find out there are no monsters in your closet and that they are really... Continue Reading →

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